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About Lola's

Our family moved to Calgary from the Philippines in December 1986. With 3 young daughters ages 5, 3 and 1 - we came to Canada with the dream of building a life for us where we didn't have to struggle anymore and could offer our children more opportunities to thrive than we could ever provide back home.


Like most immigrants, we started with the very basics and lived with relatives for the first 5 years and took any part-time or contract jobs we could to make ends meet. Thankfully, with the support of our siblings, in-laws and parents - we were able to settle into our life here in Calgary and became Canadian citizens 6 years after arriving!​

In the Filipino culture, food is more than just a meal. Our cuisine is made for sharing, socializing and entertaining. Our family prides itself on using quality ingredients without sacrificing authenticity and flavor.


Our take-out menu is ideal for picking up lunch on the go, grabbing dinner for the family when you don't have time to cook or, just need to satisfy that pancit or chicken adobo craving!



Lola serving take-out food
Throwback to kids living in the Philppines
A young filipino couple in the Philippines


Olive Carlos

Really good authentic food and snacks! We had the pork barbecue in a stick, empanadas (best ever!!!) and turon! Prices are pretty good and service is great!


Jeffrey D

I would put 6 stars if I could


Derrick C

The people are the best part. Super friendly, kind, and open to teaching you what is what. Appreciate the education in the different cuisines.

Modern Filipino Storefront
Filipino Grocery store in Calgary
Colorful Filipino Stew - Kalabasa, Green Beans, Ampalaya and Ocra
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